accident emergency ,medicine emergency

This hospital is having 25 beds in casualty as well as casualty ward. The casualty functioning round the clock 24×7 to cater the needs of all types of emergency cases. Experienced matured elderly doctors are working as CMOs as per the schedule times. Round the clock all departments’ consultants, residents and internees are posted in the casualty.  Sufficient experienced energetic young nursing staff and employees of the hospital rendering valuable services to all needy patients. The casualty is provided with central oxygen, monitors, defibrillators, suction apparatus, nebulizers, ECG machine, Pulseoxymeter, Ventilators, glucometer, crash cart, ambubag with resuscitation kit  and one portable X-ray machine, all life saving medicines are provided in the casualty and are using these medicines in acute emergency cases.

Other facilities in the casualty. For giving quick results in respect of poisoning cases, well established poison detection and information centre with qualified staff are being working round the clock. To cater the needs of the patients in emergency a minor OT is established with all facilities in the casualty. One side lab is established to conduct the minor investigation. One dressing room is available to needs of the patient. CMOs duty room and lady doctors’ station room, nursing staff station rooms are provided in the casualty for posted staff. All unnatural cases reported to the casualty are identified and registered in the accidental register. Depending up on the nature of the case patients are registered for medico legal purpose and intimated to the APMC police station. Postmortem facilities are available in this hospital. The hospital having six ambulance, out of which two Hitech ambulance with advanced life supporting equipments and managed by experienced qualified nursing staff, certain intervention cardiac cases, poly trauma cases, oncology cases where comprehensive super specialty management required are being referred to the other higher centre  to provide best Medicare to the needy patients.

Delivery Room

Delivery Room:
The hospital delivery room is having 7 delivery tables (six for normal Cases and one for septic cases). And the delivery room is having all latest equipments for conducting smooth deliveries. Well experienced efficient teaching staffs are performing the management of the delivery cases round the clock, residents; internees are assisting the delivery cases, sufficient nursing staff is always available in delivery room. RVD and HbsAg cases are being treated and delivered in this hospital by using special disposable kits. A well established OT is functioning adjacent to the labour suite; this OT is having two sophisticated Hi-tech delivery tables with all emergency medicines, monitors, ventilators defibrillators and also warmers. A separate team is earmark for performing emergency services in the vicinity of delivery complex area. A separate obstetrical casualty is established with full fledged equipments including ventilator facility and working round the clock, it is very happy to state that in the month of August-2015 record no of 315 deliveries had conducted in this hospital which is a great achievement by the department obstetric an gynecology it has been appreciated by not only the public but also higher authorities, it is also
worthwhile to mention in the vicinity of labour room complex a well established ICTC/PPTCT centre is functioning to enable with quicken form detection of retroviral cases and subsequent counseling the n patients. Affordable people two Hitech delivery tables with required infrastructure have been made available in the 3rd floor (photo)

the number of beds in casualty

Causality: 7
Casuality Ward: 18
OBG causality: 2