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OPERATIon Theatre

The hospital catered for all types of operations. The OT complex is having 14 OT rooms, with 2 C-arms for orthopedic and urology cases. The OTs is having well equipped surgical instruments, monitors. Boyles apparatus, centralized oxygen supply and suction apparatus. Under experienced skilled, qualified teaching staff, residents are being working round the clock for managing the surgical interventions.  Ground floor having 1 emergency OT and septic OT near casualty, and also surgery, orthopaedics, ENT and urology OPDS having minor OTs, the Residents with well trained nursing staff and employees are assisting for the management of the patients. The anesthesia staffs are monitoring the patients’ pre operatively as well as in recovery room and post operatively. For critical care cases anesthesia staffs are managing the cases on mechanical ventilators and attending the patients till recovers. There by so many patients are saved and they are praised for the service rendered to the patients by the attenders and patients.

The hospital has established 5 modular theaters with latest sophisticated equipments to cater for Laparoscopic, Gastroenterology, and pertaining to the urology cases and Hip replacement procedures. The modular operation theater is provided with latest sophisticated laminar flow and Hiffa filters to reduce the infection rate and facilitates for easy microscopic surgeries

The anesthetist are attending all emergencies round the clock, the Department runs Pain Clinic, provides labour analgesia, Ultrasound guided nerve blocks and Fiberoptic intubations are carried out.

The OT is enriched with latest Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (ETO) with this ETO an effective cheaper sterilization has been undergoing in the OT (Photo)

Sterrad Machine : one sterrad make of Johns & Johns has been established in the OT and moist sensitive instrument used in the critical care units need to be processed in low temperature sterilizer, sterrad -100NX gas plasma sterilizer can process all the delicate instruments (Micro surgical instruments, optical devices and instruments , electronics, metal, rubber and plastic devices) total sterilization time is just 54 minutes