The Department of Pathology was established in 1986. The department was recognized for postgraduate studies in the year 1996. Currently, a total of 11 teaching faculty with 4 Professors, 4 Associate professors, 1 Assistant professor, and 2 Senior Residents are working in the department. There are 36 postgraduates cum tutors. Eight faculty members are recognized postgraduate teachers and one is a recognized PhD guide. The total number of non-teaching staff is 31.


Overview of the Department

Per year intake of MBBS seats is 200 and 13 MD seats per year for the postgraduate course. The department also runs a Histotechnology Technician course, a B.Sc. MLT course and two value-added courses.

A 24x7 Hematology and Clinical Pathology laboratory caters to in-patients and out-patients. This laboratory is a referral centre for surrounding places.

The postgraduates are trained in the field of:

Histopathology, Cytology and Haematology, Blood banking and molecular biology including flow cytometry,Neonatal Autopsy techniques with reporting and histotechnology.


“To be recognised for maintenance and enhancement of quality medical education, quality work in research & excellence in diagnostic services.”


“High-quality education by incorporating cutting-edge technology for undergraduate & postgraduate teaching through ICT and artificial intelligence(AI) -enabled teaching sessions

“Advanced, reliable, cost-effective, accurate & timely diagnostic services with the aid of the Hospital Management system ”

“To pursue research projects in collaboration with national & international premier institutions, which will help improve the health care system.

“Applying tools of Pathology science in support of public health and ongoing expansion of medical knowledge.”