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Best Practices

  • Induction Program with manual and Digital resources for Postgraduates

Digital induction program helps to build:

    • Information, contact details, and research profiles about faculty
    • Information and contact details about the existing postgraduates
    • Thesis documents of the seniors along with the synopsis details
    • Photographs of the various sections of the department
    • Photographic index of various machines and SOPs used in the department
    • Working principles of the various basic investigative procedures done by the equipment
  • Customized Assessment of Students Using Virtual Classroom – Teams

With increasing access to sophisticated technologies, teaching and learning too has seen a shift from fixed timings during working hours to the anytime anywhere mantra. In this regard, we found a collaborative software where each and every individual is provided space to express himself/herself to the fullest possible extent.

The answers submitted by the students will be archived in the profile of the student and this becomes the record along with the option to assess and grade the students. There is a possibility to communicate with the students in a group in the form of a public post as well as a private post

The ability to offer assignments in the group but, the student getting an individual copy to work with and to provide the answers in the forum or to add his/her own work too. This brings the assessment of the student in a customized manner and programming the teaching-learning methodologies in a better way for the overall improvement of students.