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“Even in death do we serve life”

Inscription on a communal grave dedicated to body donors

In 1948, the Anatomy Act was passed in all of India’s states. This allows bodies to be donated by the donor and bodies to be claimed for medical and research use if there is no claim to one’s body within a 48-hour timeframe.Similar to the US, India also has specific guidelines for accepting bodies for donations. Donations that are not deemed suitable include bodies with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis (A, B, and C), donated organs, extreme BMI, or skin diseases.Some leaders have donated their bodies for medical research, such as communist leader Jyoti Basu and Jana Sangh leader Nanaji Deshmukh.Nowadays, many people in India donate their bodies after death by signing a pledge form with two accompanying witness signatures.

What is Body Donation?

It is the donation of the whole body after death for the purpose of medical research and education. Body Donation is important for helping medical students and researchers to understand the human body, and for the advancement of science. 

Who can Donate?

Any person wishing to donate their body can donate.  However, signing a prior consent form is not compulsory but is preferable so that your family is aware of your decision and the role they need to play in fulfilling your wish.

Are there any conditions?

Depending on the circumstances of a person’s death, a post-mortem examination may be required. Autopsy/Post-mortem examination is an important reason for declining  of  Body Donation.

How do I donate my Body?

You need to fill the form & register your wish to donate your body after death .You can obtain this form by clicking on the above green button.


  •  Fill  the  willingness form .Body can be donated even if the form is  not filled.
  •  Make the next kin or near relative aware of your will.
  • After  the  death  of  the  donor,  the  next  kin  /  near  relative  should  bring
    the  body  to  the approved  medical institution,  preferably within 3 to 5 hours.
  • Following documents are essential to donate a body:

>Death certificate-issued by  registered  medical  practitioner/ hospital
>Disposal permit-issued by  local  governing  authority e.g.Municipal corporation
>Application by next kin/ close relative.