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Community Medicine

The Department of Community Medicine has state-of-the-art facilities for the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The department has been involved in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health programs and activities in the local community


  • The student should be able to apply the clinical skills to recognize and manage common community health problems including their physical, emotional and social aspects at the individual, family and community level and deal with public health emergencies.
  • The student should realize the role of doctor as a team leader and be well aware of the physical, social, psychological, economic and environmental aspect of health and disease.
  • Should be able to carry out research activities to identify health problems in the society and means to prevent or control them.
  • He should able to interact & communicate efficiently and bring the necessary behavioral changes so as to improve & maintain the health of the members of the community.


Title “ACTION – 1 Trial – A65913 A Multicounty, Multi-Centre, two arm, parallel double blind, Placebo controlled, randomized trial of antenatal corticosteroids for women at risk of imminent birth in the early preterm period in health facilities in low resource setting to improve newborn outcomes”.Sponsored by WHO Duration July -2017 to Dec.2019 ,   Dr. M.R. Gudadinni, MD, Associate Professor

TitleACTION-2 Trial – A A65916 A Multicounty, Multi-Centre, two arm, parallel double blind, Placebo controlled, randomized trial of antenatal corticosteroids for women at risk of imminent birth in the late preterm period in hospitals  in low resource countries to improve newborn outcomes”  Sponsored by WHO Duration July -2017 to Dec.2019, Project Coordinator: Dr. M.R. Gudadinni , MD: Associate Professor

Title “Early detection & treatment of PPH using the MOTIVE – Bundle” : A World Health Organization cluster randomized trial with health economic analysis (the E- MOTIVE Study), community based trial  Funded by University of Burningham & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Duration 2020 to 2023.   Research Coordinator: Dr. M.R. Gudadinni MD, Associate Professor.

Title ““Prevention of Maternal & Neonatal Death/Infections with a single oral dose of Azithromycin in women in labour (in low – and middle – income countries): A Randomized controlled trial”, Duration November 2019 to November 2022. in International Research Funded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development & the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Research Coordinator Dr. M.R. Gudadinni MD, Associate Professor, Funded by University of Burningham & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Duration 2020 to 2023,Research Coordinator: Dr. M.R. Gudadinni MD, Associate Professor

BLDE –Emory collaborative Research Project Title “Food Choice in Indian Households in the Context of the Nutrition Transition”,  Funded by: “Drivers of Food Choice”(DFC) competitive grants programs by UK Governments Department for International development and Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and foundation and managed by University of South Carolina Arnold school of public health USA. Duration: 2 years 2018-2020,  Research Coordinator:  Dr. Shailaja S Patil, MD, Prof & HOD – Principal Investigators (Indian-PI),  Dr. Solveig A. Cunningham, PhD M.Sc – Principle Investigators (Foreign PI)

U.H.T.C., Chandabowdi           – 2.5 Kms.

Population catered                  – 35,000

Established                                – 1990 (Relocation of UHTC Kalalgalli shifted to Chandabowdi on December 2016)

Faculty :

Medical Officer of Health –cum-Lecturer/

 Assistant Prof. : Dr. Santosh D. Patil

Lady Medical Officer : Lalita V.T.

Medico Social Workers   :    1

 Health Educator :    1                            

Public Health Nurse :    1

Lab. Technician :    1

Lab. Technician :    1

Attender :    1

Van-driver :    1    

Services provided

Outpatient care,

maternal & Child Health Services, 

Health Education in Community weekly, 

NCD Screening Camp and ANC clinic weekly, 

Anganawadi Visit & Field Survey.

Distance from the college         – 20 Kms.

Population catered                    – 50,000

Established                                  – 2013

Services provided : OPD & IPD , Maternal & Child Health Services, Laboratory services,  Weekly NCD clinics and ANC clinics, Tubectomy camp and ophthalmic screening monthly , quarterly speciality clinic outreach camps , school health and Anaganawadi health check up camps , Health Education in community 

Faculty :

Medical Officer of Health –cum-Lecturer/

Assistant Professor   : Dr. Praveen S. Ganganahalli

Medical Officer : Dr.S.R.Mudanur.

Medical Social Worker : 1

Public Health Nurse : 5.

A.N.M.      : 1

Health Inspector : 1

Pharmacist : 1

Lab. Technician    : 1

Peon : 1

Van-driver : 1                               

Sweepers : 2

Distance from the college       – 27 Kms.

Population catered                  – 15,000

Established                              – 1991

Faculty :

Medical Officer :                       B.S.Raddy

Publich Health Nurse :              1

Peon :                                           1

Course Faculty: faculty from BLDE (DU).

Course is open for all UG/PG/PhD/Diploma Students in Medical and Allied Sciences

Course Duration:
Two weeks

Statistics is the science in which we make inferences about some hypothesis based
upon a sample of data.
Bio-statistics is a branch of statistics that is concerned with the application of statistical methods in medicine, clinical trials, demography, population estimation modeling, community diagnosis & surveys. In general, the purpose of using Bio statistics is to enable a person to carry out research epidemiological studies using correct methodology of collecting presentation & analysis of the data in medical & allied sciences. Bio-statistics is now considered as an essential tool in planning & delivery of health care systems. The knowledge & ability to use Bio-statistics techniques have also become increasingly important in health sciences. A good understanding of Bio-statistics can improve clinical thinking, decision making, evaluations & medical research. This course is design to help the medical & allied health sciences students to develop essential knowledge & skills in research it helps to understand research articles which use bio statistical methods.


By the end of this course you should
 Be able to know (Explain) what Bio-statistics is & how it is used in research.
 Be able to understand the common stat techniques & terminology used in studies that are presented in health related journals.
 Be able to use understand the principles numeric & graphical techniques to display (present) & summarize medical & health related data.
 Be able to know how to calculate sample size & how to draw samples from the population.
 Be familiar with the concept of statistical inference.

Course content: 18 Hours
Interactive lect. (Random training)

Method of Teaching – Learning
Effective, efficient & interactive lecturers will be delivered on Research Methodology & Bio statistics. Statistical class will be divided into two. The first half is a lecture used to explain a statistical method (principle) & the second half is a workshop in which the students solve a problem under guidance of lecturer.

Method of Assessment:
Evaluated by two written exams. One is on Research methodology & second one is on Bio-statistics.

Feedback about lecture, course content & teaching method will be collected & analyzed.


Dr.Shailaja S. Patil
Prof. & HOD
Dr. M.C.Yadavannavar
Dr.Rekha S. Udgiri
Assoc. Prof
Dr. Praveen Ganganahalli
Assoc. Prof
Dr.Santosh D. Patil
Asst. Prof.
Dr. Chandrika Doddihal
Asst. Prof
Dr.Vasundara Gayakwad
Asst. Prof.
Dr. Vijaya M. Sorganvi
Assoc. Prof. (Stat)
Dr. Mohd. Shannawaz
Assist. Prof. (Stat)
Dr. Veena S. Algur
Dr. Laxmi Tellur
Dr. Vidya Mallesh


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Our campus is so full of Greenery and Divinity. Peacefull Library and supporting staff always encourage us in Learning. Technology Sound Classroom Help us to understand subject better
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The Warm & Friendly Environment of the college has always encouraged us to the best, they have Always Provided us with Proper balance between Academic Social & cultural activities.
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