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Fire and Safety

Fires can be devastating, especially in a hospital where a large number of people who need to be evacuated may be vulnerable – immunocompromised, on life support, and incapable of moving on their own. There are special requirements that must be met with while evacuating such people in case of fire emergencies. But before that – “fires must be


  • Refilled all Fire extinguishers in campus with Hydraulic test and All Fire Extinguishers in fixed as per standard with suitable operating procedure. These help to use in case of small fires anywhere in the hospital.
  • Fire Hydrant system installed in Hospital building.
  • Fire sprinkler system installed in hospital building.
  • Fire alarm system installed in Hospital Building.It helps to send emergency notifications quickly and easily to staff of the hospital.
  • Public announcement system installed in hospital building.


  • Removed all unwanted materials in all panel room. And Provided ISO certified rubber mats in all panel rooms.
  • Issued all panel room keys to every floor for easy accessible.
  • 3 No’s of new earthing pit installed for hospital wiring

Annual health check up and vaccination done for all hospital staff