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Laboratory Services


Round the clock laboratory service with internal & external quality assurance

The haematology section of the Pathology department is highly equipped with 3 parts, 5 parts, and 6parts Automated Blood cell counters, Automated coagulometer, Automated ESR Machine, Automated HPLC machine, and Automated Urine analyzer.

 It provides a wide range of investigations to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

The laboratory has a highly qualified, skillful pathologist.


1AEC30Platelet Count
2APTT31PS For Malarial Parasite
3Autopsy32PS For Microfilaria
4Barr Body Test33PT
5Blood Routine (HB TC DC ESR)34RBC
6Body Fluids35Reticulocyte Count
7Body Fluids for Malignancy36Scrape_ Imprint Cytology
8Bone Marrow Study37Semen Analysis
9Bone Tissue Biopsy38Sickling Test
10BT CT39Sputum Cytology
11BuccaI Smear40Squash Smear
12CBC(Complete Blood Count)41Stool For Occult Blood
13Coagulation Profile42Stool For Reducing Substance
14Complete hemogram43Stool Routine
16FNAC45Test for FDP
17Frozen Section46Urine Complete
18Haemolytic Profile47Urine For Bile Salts/Bile Pigments
19Hb48Urine For Chyluria
20Hb TC DC49Urine for Haemoglobin
21HistopathoIogy_Big Specimen50Urine For Ketone Bodies
22Histopathology_ Radical Specimen51Urine for Myoglobin
23Histopathology Small specimen52Urine for Cytology
24Immuno histochemistry53Urine Microscopy
25Le Cell54Urine Routine
26Osmotic Fragility55USG_CT Guided FNAC
27PAP Smear56Vaginal Smear for TV
28PCV haematocrit57HPR-Slide &Block
29Peripheral Smear  

Six-part hematology analyzer (Sysmex XN 1000) equipped with three dyes for reliable, accurate and repeatable complete blood counts.

  • Over 40 reportable and 60 research parameters. 2400 sample through automated one stop solution
  • Barcoded samples & Interfaced with HMS to reduce errors
  • A diverse and advanced modes for Platelet count with optical and Fluorescence methods.
  • Reticulocyte parameters like Ret-He for diagnosis and treatment monitoring.
  • Ability to suspect Malaria and Dengue based on new parameters and scatter plot interpretation.

High performance Liquid Chromatopgraphy (HPLC):

To cater to the needs of the community and to support the Thalassemia clinic in addition to the Blood bank support,using HPLC to screen and diagnose the cases.

A total of two projects are being done with the help of this technology to better understand the prevalence in the catchment area of medical college hospital.