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  VAC 1:  Adoption of Digital tools for Teaching learning in Pathology
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1 Objective/Need Integration of various digital teaching learning methods in Pathology.  
2 Course content The course content ranges from the optimal utilization of various digital tools like Digital Collaborative Workspaces. Using these technologies students will be oriented in accessing various digital resources available for them from various premiere institutes and our institute.  
3 Duration-Number of hours. 25 hours
4 Frequency Twice a year
5 Teaching Methods Online:  Google classroom & OneNote Trial questions and collection of responses to make the students understand the digital workflow
6 Certification Done Yes
VAC 2: Cadaver Based Bone marrow study & Hands-on Workshop
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1 Objective/Need To train the postgraduates in various techniques of Bone marrow aspiration and Biopsy.
2 Course content Cadaver based case scenario simulation & teaching is done to study the Bone marrow procedure. In Workshop sessions, PG students are given hands on training to perform bone marrow procedures on the cadavers
3 Duration-Number of hours. 35 hours
4 Conducted Daily 1 month duration Hands on training sessions – 2hours daily for one week
5 Frequency Twice a year
6 Teaching Methods Interactive Sessions during working hours (4hours) Discussion Sessions during working hours (4hours) Sessions post working hours – Virtual online classroom (23 hours) Review sessions(4hours) Hands on training – demonstration
7 Certification Done Yes